In a pupil's own words, "it is a department that can help you with your learning and other issues that you may have, within school or outside".

  • Learning support (SEN) is a large department at the heart of the school with pupil and parents feelings and wishes are paramount. 
  • Within this area is a pupil centred inclusion unit that helps support vulnerable pupils. 
  • Split into 3 separate areas. Learning room/MAC (multi agency centre)/ support room.
  • All the rooms create a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.
  • 18 members of staff
  • Dyslexia/hearing impairment/visual impairment/Additional wheelchair needs trained with staff who are specialised in these areas.
  • Individual/small group/in class/ 1 to 1 withdrawal sessions are catered for and tailored towards pupils needs and learning styles.
  • Bespoke intervention programmes are available for support academically.

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