The English department have been inundated with pupils attending GCSE booster sessions since the beginning of the academic year. The students have maximised the range of sessions on offer and benefited hugely from the extra curricular learning available. 
This week, Miss Durrant covered thematic analysis in ‘A Christmas Carol’; the exciting new text on the Literature GCSE exam. In addition to this, Miss Edwards covered the necessary skills for the new non-fiction paper: Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives. This is a challenging paper which requires pupils to be precise and concise within a prescribed time. Miss Edwards commented on the enthusiasm and dedication of the pupils who regularly attend. 
Other members of the department, namely Mrs Melvin and Miss Waterhouse, offer an ad hoc session in which they can request a specific area of focus from either the Literature or Language paper. This allows the pupils the flexibility to choose their revision focus, whilst encouraging them to be independent in their studies, which is essential with post-16 education looming. 
A new session that has recently been added to the revision schedule is: ‘Targeting 8 and 9’. This is designed to develop exam responses to a standard that conceptualises key aspects of the texts being studied in the Literature domain. This week, Miss Locker will be discussing the role of time theories within the context of J.B Priestley’s play, ‘An Inspector Calls.’
If you would like any further information regarding the extra curricular booster sessions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s English teacher via the school’s main office. 
Assistant Head of English
Miss D. Locker


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