On Tuesday 5th December the maths department went to Chesterton Primary to teach them how to make some interesting Christmas shapes and have a go at a couple of other exciting activities. Along with Mr.Kennerley, all of our maths leaders and some of the primary’s ex-pupils went to support the children with lots of motivation and positivity. The children produced some exceptional work and had a wonderful day. The staff were extremely friendly including Mrs.Lockett who is the class teacher and the pupils were more than willing to give everything a good attempt which was proven at the end of the day. We hope to visit there again soon and we hope to see some of those bright students at our school next year!

Written by Holly Hayward and Kayleigh Simm.

Picture1Picture2Left to right: Mr. Kennerley, Jacob College, Daniel Snape, Dionne Williamson, Loren Meadon, Kayleigh Simm, Holly Hayward, Aaron Arthur, Mrs Owen, Mrs.Lockett.


This was our example shape which we brought along as a model design.

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