The pastoral system exists to provide care, guidance and support to all pupils.

Each pupil is allocated to a tutor group which consists of approximately 25 pupils all in the same year group, under the care of a Form Tutor. The tutor group meets together at the start of every morning. The Form Tutors are supported by Year Leaders and Key Stage Leaders.

Pastoral Staff

Key Stage 3  
Key Stage Leader Mrs S Hawkins
Year 7  
Year Leader Mr D Maxted
Tutors Mrs G Allen, Mrs S Bukhari, Mr C Dunn, Miss K Edwards, Miss D Locker, Mr H Routledge
Year 8  
Year Leader Miss R Grocott
Tutors Mr J Daley, Miss L Hurst, Mr M Powell, Miss M Moscati, Mrs A O'Rourke
Year 9  
Year Leader Miss S Beech
Tutors Mr M Cartlidge, Miss N Davies, Ms K Flavell, Miss S Rafferty, Mr J Steele
Key Stage 4  
Key Stage Leader Mr P Cullinane
Year 10  
Year Leader Miss K Owen
Tutors Miss L Collis, Miss A Edwards, Mrs K Melvin, Mrs J Rowley, Mr P Salt
Year 11  
Year Leader Mr L Mackin
Tutors Mrs S Edbrooke, Mr A Kennerley, Miss K Durrant, Mr M Kelsall, Mr P Young




The house system compliments the pastoral structure of tutor groups and year groups.

The four houses are Bannister (yellow), Elgar (green), Newton (red), Shakespeare (blue) and pupils wear ties with stripes in the house colour.

Bannister House is named after Sir Roger Bannister, distinguished sportsman and scientist, famous for running the first sub 4 minute mile.

Elgar House is named after Sir Edward Elgar, the famous composer.

Newton House is named after Sir Isaac Newton, early English physicist and mathematician.

Shakespeare House is named after William Shakespeare, poet and playwright.


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