The PE curriculum at CCSC is devised, to educate through movement, as well as teaching sport. The curriculum is designed to develop physical skills and aid mental development in order to provide all pupils with lifelong skills which can be used to improve everyday life. Our curriculum looks to build on cross curricular themes which include developing skills and techniques, making and applying decisions, developing physical and mental capacity to succeed, evaluating and improving performance, and promoting and understanding the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition pupils are encouraged to work as individuals and within small groups and teams to extend their skills in cooperation, competition and communication.
Beyond core PE lessons, pupils have the option to complete a GCSE in Physical Education (AQA) and the vocational Cambridge National Certificate in Sport Science (OCR). Also there are numerous extra-curricular activities and school teams across a range of sports, available to pupils at lunchtime and after school in order to further their learning. Leadership is also a key strand running through the PE curriculum and pupils are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills through PE lessons and in some cases, in partnership with local primaries under the guidance of the primary coordinator.
The department strives to build links with the local community, using our outstanding facilities to provide opportunity for local people and clubs to participate in physical activity, and as a result we are proud to be have achieved a Gold Mark for Sainsbury's School Games!
The department is staffed by five full time members of staff with a range of specialist areas and a number of national governing body coaches.

The Newcastle School Sports Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.


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