This week, Year 11 enjoyed four full hours of preparation for their English Language and Literature GCSE exams. Pupils were given revision activities based around the set texts ‘An Inspector Calls’, Power and Conflict Poems, ‘Macbeth’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’. They also strengthened reading and writing skills ready for their English Language mock exam on Friday 17th February.

The English department were extremely impressed by the work ethic and enthusiasm of the Year 11 pupils. The majority of pupils are making fantastic progress lesson by lesson and the hard work is starting to pay off!


The external exams are: 

English Literature Paper 1 (Macbeth and A Christmas Carol) – 22nd May AM

English Literature Paper 2 (An Inspector Calls, Power and Conflict Poetry and Unseen Poetry) – 26th May AM

English Language Paper 1 – 6th June AM

English Language Paper 2 – 12th June AM


Booster sessions are running throughout the week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school) and revision materials have been provided for all pupils.

The English Department

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