Curriculum Intent

At Chesterton Community Sports College our motto, ‘Be the Best You Can Be’, is at the heart of everything we do.

Our curriculum is designed to develop students so that they unlock their potential and develop the knowledge and skills that they need to progress to the next stage of their learning. We aim for them to become happy and successful adults who make a positive and productive contribution to society.

Our curriculum is not only broad and balanced, but it has the Ebacc at its heart.  We believe that all students should have the opportunity to study these key academic subjects alongside appropriate vocational and curriculum subjects.  

Our KS3 program is studied in Years 7 and 8 and focuses on the Ebacc subjects together with other curriculum subjects. In order for us to deliver a wide range of option subjects alongside the Ebacc, our KS4 program of study runs from Year 9 to 11. 

Pupils not only have to study the Ebacc, but also select subjects that suit their Post-16 aspirations. It allows pupils to try new subjects, choose what they enjoy and also have the flexibility of changing their Post-16 decisions in the future if needed. 

Our taught curriculum is enhanced by our PSCHE and pastoral programmes, as well as our exciting and extensive extra-curricular activities that are open to all children, regardless of abilities or background.  Together, these ensure that pupils have the cultural capacity to continue their learning and development when they move to their next phase.

Our curriculum is planned and sequenced to ensure that our children leave as mature, young adults with the required skills to take their place as citizens in our ever-changing world. To us, it is important that they have developed the resilience to become true lifelong learners.

Our extra-curricular programme complements the curriculum. With a vast array of activities, clubs, ‘Lesson 6’ experiences, subject specific excursions, visits abroad and many overnight UK cultural experiences, pupils at CCSC have many opportunities to further develop their school life and enjoy their time outside of lessons, as well as their learning in the classroom. 

Another thing we value is our strong links with our local Youth Club. This has become an important part of the community and allows us to further improve the lives of our pupils outside of school. They offer a wide range of activities and many get the chance to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme and volunteering experiences. 

An integral part of our pupils’development is our extensive careers programme. We aim to guide our pupils through their Post-16 choices and ensure that they are fully equipped with the information and support required to be successful in their next stages.


Key Stage 3 Years 7 & 8


In Yr 7 & 8 all pupils follow a broad, balanced programme of study, which meets the demands of the National Curriculum in Key Stage 3. It includes:

  •   English
  •   Mathematics
  •   Science
  •   French
  •   Spanish
  •   Technology (Resistant Materials, Electronics, Graphics, Textiles & Food)
  •   Computing
  •   PSHCE
  •   Religious Education
  •   History
  •   Geography
  •   Music
  •   Art
  •   Physical Education

The Pupil Support services are available throughout the school for those with particular educational needs.

During the spring term Year 8 pupils will be taken through the options process to ensure their talents and abilities are catered for in KS4. The school will invite parents into discuss various options available in school, and offer advice on the most appropriate courses available. The careers service will also be available to offer advice and guidance.


Curriculum and Qualifications

Key Stage 4 Years 9, 10 & 11

Pupils study compulsory subjects to GCSE level. These are:

  •    Mathematics
  •    Science
  •    English Language
  •    MFL French &/or Spanish

In addition all pupils study:

  •      Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education
  •      Physical Education

The school also provides GCSE courses in the following subjects:

  •       English Literature
  •       Computer Science
  •       Food Technology
  •       Resistant Materials
  •       History
  •       Geography
  •       Music
  •       Art
  •       3D Art
  •       Physical Education
  •       Dance
  •       Drama
  •       Theology
  •       iMedia
  •       Media Studies
  •       Film Studies
  •       Statistics
  •       Health & Social Care
  •       Child Development
  •       Enterprise and Marketing
  •       Citizenship
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