Independent learning is designed to promote the development of our pupils’ ability to plan work, carry out research and revision, and complete tasks while working outside of the classroom.

Independent learning encourages pupils to become more responsible for their own learning and reinforces and extends learning that takes place in the classroom. With the support of teaching staff, parents and carers, we aim to develop our pupils’ work ethic, organisation and self-discipline through engagement in learning and a commitment to being the best they can be. Independent learning is very important in developing lifelong skills and can contribute significantly to our pupils’ overall progress and attainment.

In order to achieve their potential, pupils should work independently after school each day to consolidate learning that takes place in the classroom. We recommend that Key Stage 3 pupils work independently for 1-1.5 hours per day, and Key Stage 4 pupils work independently for 1.5-2 hours per day (please see suggested independent learning timetables).

Subject teachers will set appropriate tasks and provide resources and links to resources to enable pupils to complete self-study outside of the classroom. All tasks and resources will be available via Show My Homework ( so that the learning can be accessed by pupils and parents.

To view the Independent Learning policy, please refer to the ‘Information’ tab on the school’s website.

Click to download the timetable below.

Independent Learning Timetable

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