At the beginning of September 2023, we relaunched the previously successful House System at CCSC. When joining the school, all students are allocated a place in one of our four school houses and wear coloured stripes on their tie representing that house.

Bannister – Yellow

Newton – Red

Elgar – Green

Shakespeare – Blue

All members of staff also assign themselves to a house and offer their support during house activities and competition day. Staff may choose to compete in house activities alongside our students, often competing as a ‘fifth house’.  Often this acts to further motivate our students to increase participation.

The house system has been designed to enrich students’ time at CCSC, without adding to the academic pressures of secondary school, and offers activities outside of the school’s normal curriculum. Most activities require no sporting or academic expertise and are therefore accessible for all students. 

Students are rewarded for their participation across the year, with CCSC record books detailing long term success, a regularly updated Instagram page with highlights and videos of activities, and medals and trophies for winners. The school offers event logs for non-participants that offer their time and effort in other ways, such as creating social media content and recording and analysing results.

See below for this year’s house activity calendar.

Mr Powell
House Systems Coordinator


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