GCSE Computing

This is a course that has real relevance in our modern world. The course will give you an in-depth understanding of how computer technology works and a look at what goes on “behind the scenes”. As part of this, you will investigate computer programming, which many computing students find interesting.

This is a qualification being offered at Chesterton Community Sports College.  GCSE Computing on the OCR exam board.  Students can expect to achieve a grade between A*-G which will count as one of their sciences in the English Baccalaureate.

Students should be proficient in Mathematics and have an interest in the technical aspects of computing.  Students should also be willing to solve problems independently

What will I learn?

Unit Topic

% of final grade

Unit A451:

• Computer systems and programming

• Computer Hardware

• Software

• Databases

• Communication Networks

Exam 40%

Unit A452:

• Practical investigation

• Plan and carry out a practical investigation of a topic

• Develop a solutions to problems

• Test their solutions

• Evaluate and modify these solutions in light of test results.

Coursework 30% (Controlled assessment)

Unit A453:

• Programming Project

• Programming techniques

• Design

• Develop a programme

Coursework 30% (Controlled assessment)

With technology ever changing, there is a demand for professionals who are qualified in this area. If you want to go on to higher study and employment in the field of Computer Science, you will find that this course provides a superb stepping stone. Once you have taken a Computing GCSE and you can then progress to study the subject at A Level and then university.

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