AQA Technical Award in Health & Social Care

Year 9: Component 1 Human Lifespan Development (Internal Assessment 30%)

Learners will investigate how, in real situations, human development is affected by different factors and that people deal differently with life events. This is assessed by writing a report to illustrate how people change over different life stages. Then conducting an interview to find out how two different people have dealt with the same life event, and presenting this.

Year 10: Component 2 Health & Social Care Services and Values (Internal Assessment 30%)

Learners study and practically explore health and social care services and how they meet the needs of real service users. They also develop skills in applying care values. This is assessed by reviewing health and social care services in the area and identify the services to meet the needs of two clients. Then take part in a scenario to demonstrate care values, and review performance after.

Year 11: Component 3 Health & Wellbeing (External Assessment 40%)

Learners will study the factors that affect health and wellbeing, learning about physiological and lifestyle indicators and how to design a health and wellbeing improvement plan. This is assessed in examination where learners are given a case study and will assess an individual’s health and wellbeing, drawing upon their understanding from component 1. They will design a health and wellbeing improvement plan that draws on their understanding from component 2.

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