KS3 and KS4 pupils got to experience a taste of the future, combined with a toy from the past! CCSC's Science and Computing department have teamed up to start a STEM Project in which the pupils are building, programming and testing their very own LEGO robots! We took our STEM club pupils to Newcastle College, which houses the LEGO Innovation Studio - a room devoted to LEGO Education, teaching pupils skills directly applicable to the Computing curriculum, as well as experimentation skills in Science.

Pupils started the day with an introduction from LEGO experts Megan and Andy who guided them through building a robot vehicle using the LEGO EV3 kit. Pupils then got to use the computers to give the robots life, and program their own instructions into it to move around the room! The pupils worked in teams to solve challenges posed by the LEGO experts until they had mastered a whole host of new abilities and add-ons for the robots. Pupils managed to make the robots respond to colour, avoid obstacles, and even sing and dance - see the videos to watch the robots in action!

The day ended with a demonstration of the advanced robots that LEGO EV3 can produce, and the pupils met an robotic elephant, a cheeky little creature that snapped if their hands got to close, and Megan's Rubik's Cube Solver.

The pupils all had a fantastic day, as did Mr Kelsall and Miss O'Connor - Mr Kelsall is still getting over the fact that the pupil's robots defeated his... CCSC STEM Club is now getting its own LEGO EV3 Kit to build even better robots over the next year!

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