Year 7 had a fantastic day at the Black Country Living Museum on Friday 11th March. As we made our journey to Dudley, the students were waiting in anticipation to learn about why the area is named the ‘black country’!

The open air museum is the largest and finest in the country. Students learned about what life was like in the 1830s by visiting shops in the cobbled street such as; chemist, butchers, bakery and sweet shop! Before playing old fashioned street games, the students went to school to learn the alphabet backwards and how to write in copperplate font. The teacher was strict and had to give the cane to the students who wrote with their left hand (perhaps the teachers at CCSC are not so strict after all!).

After filling up with chips from the old fashioned chip shop, we experienced what life was like for those working down the mine. A dark and dangerous place but gave us some answers about why Dudley is nicknamed the ‘black country’.

Students (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed the day and the humanities department hope to see students apply this learning in lessons in the future.

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