On Saturday 17th September 12 Able and Talented pupils from Year 10 and 11 visited Aberystwyth University for a taster day. The university very kindly agreed, for the second year running now, to accommodate our pupils and provide lectures which fitted around their GCSE studies. 
The day began with a 7AM start, taking the three hour trip to Aberystwyth in an excited mood, ready to experience what studying History at university had to offer. Upon Arrival the pupils and staff were met by Dr Rhun Emlyn, an expert in Medieval Welsh History,  who provided an insightful tour of what remains of Aberystwyth Castle. Following the tour of the castle, pupils were taken to the main campus where they were greeted by department staff, provided with cake and drinks as well as goodie bags and information packs from the university. Pupils then had the opportunity to experience a lecture on the rebellion of Maddog ap Llewellyn, once again provided by the expert, Dr Emlyn. Following this lecture, pupils thanked Dr Emlyn and headed off for their lunch, which was provided by the university. 
The afternoon began with a tour of the campus and a visit to the National Library of Wales, the largest library in Wales which is adjoining to the university campus and houses over 6.5 million books, manuscripts and journals. Some of the pupils decided that they wanted to use some of their down time to attend another lecture, on how and why Britain remembers the First World War, provided by Dr Sian Nicholas who has an expertise in modern British History. After this pupils had the chance to listen to current students of the university who explained what life was like both studying and socially at the university (some of our pupils were delighted to discover that there was a quidditch club!). 
Then came a different taste of university life, a seminar on how and why people opposed the Nazi regime during and preceding the Second World War with Dr Peter Lambert, a specialist on modern German History. Pupils were given a range of sources and they were discussed in depth in an engaging and insightful manner where even Mr Kelsall couldn’t resist getting involved in the discussion. 
Overall, the pupils had a fantastic day, learning a lot, not only about their current GCSE topics, but also about the opportunities that university holds for them should they choose to study History at university. 
Staff and pupils at CCSC would like to thank the staff and students of the History faculty at Aberystwyth University for their time and efforts in providing such a wonderful day for our pupils.
L. Mackin
Assistant Head of Humanities
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