The Year 7’s have been preparing for their trip to Warwick Castle by studying the Norman Conquest into England.

In their lessons they have looked at how castles were used to help William the Conqueror keep control England after his victory at the Battle of Hastings. They have studied the different types of castles and the advancements to them over time, and as well as this the different methods of attacking them.

As part of this topic, Mr Gribbin’s set were asked to create a replica model of a Motte and Bailey castle for homework, highlighting their understanding of the key features they have learnt from the lesson. There were some fantastic creations and a lot of effort had been put in to creating these models.

Mrs Rowley (head of humanities) was really happy to see the work that had been put in to creating these and after a lot of deliberation, with the offer a prize going to the best created castle, the top prize went to Isaac Futter, 2nd prize went to Lucy Brownsword and 3rd  prize went to Olivia Martin!

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