On Friday 9th March the Humanities department, along with 144 pupils, visited Warwick Castle, perhaps most famously known for its place in English history as the home of Richard Neville, The Kingmaker, who was responsible for the crowning of two later Medieval kings; Henry VI and Edward IV.

Upon entry to the ginormous structure which has stood in its current form since the 14th Century, pupils split into their groups to explore the castle. Whilst exploring the castle, pupils got the chance to see first-hand the grandeur and opulence of the Great Hall, travel the battlements and traverse the towers with their narrow spiral staircases, leading to outstanding view of Warwickshire and of course, see the birds of prey in action. Pupils were then treated to an attack and defence workshop and a trip into the castle’s damp, dark and deadly history where everything from the impact of the plague to witch trials and more were explored in a 50 minute fully immersive experience.

Pupils and staff had a thoroughly enjoyable time through this fantastic trip. Lots was learned about how Medieval castles operated and the intricacies of their design as well as the important role castles such as Warwick played in keeping control of England during turbulent and troubled times.

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