Pupils in KS3 had the opportunity to plan, design and create a host of game related products as part of Creative Learning Week 2015. This included the creation of 2D characters, 3D animations, music, artwork and 2D and 3D computer games! The week began with pupils designing thier own versions of popular childhood games like noughts and crosses to give them an understanding of rules and design, before analysing existing games and creating rule sheets.

Pupils then began work on their own video games by designing pixel art characters with Piskel software, creating popular characters such as Mario before working on original designs. Pupils then used the popular programming tools Scratch to edit and create simple 2D games using their characters to round off the first day. On day three pupils created their own sound effects (and background music!) using SonicPi to program sound samples and learn about algorithms. 3D programming was introduced using the Alice 3.1 software to allow the design of 3D animations and even interactive games for more advanced learners!

Pupils then worked in teams to design their own computer games, using the skills that they had learnt. Some Year 9 pupils even attempted to use Unity software to create a game: a professional game creation tool which involves high level programming skills! All presented their finished projects, including game covers editing using Photoshop to the rest of the class to round off a fun and challenging week with pupils learning many technical and social skills.

All software used can be downloaded freely using the links above.

A gallery of CLW Create a Computer Game 2015 is below. Please click on an image to view it.

Mr M Kelsall
Teacher in Charge of Computer Science

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