"I have recently completed my 5 years at Chesterton and I’m proud to say that I’ve left with 14 GCSE qualifications. Personally, I found Science the most difficult subject as I found that some of the work set was rather challenging, but with the support of my teacher and the addition of the after school boosters it enabled me to achieve a grade B in triple Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The facilities that Chesterton have to offer have particularly helped me in years 9, 10 and 11. The individual IPADS that students use during school hours are an effective piece of equipment that I’ve used throughout this year for research or any essay related tasks as these activities can be easily carried out. Finally, I feel as though the teachers at Chesterton have helped me to succeed, their positive and encouraging words as well as their belief in students have certainly helped me during the course of me being at Chesterton, but especially this year".
Lucie Owens

"Overall my time at Chesterton has been very enjoyable to say the least. My confidence, academically, grew the more i progressed through the 5 years here, all down to the help of amazing teachers and friends around me. I feel all the teachers knew everyones strengths and weaknesses, which meant that they could teach us in the most effective way to achieve amazing GCSE grades. Because of this i managed to get grades that surprised me in the best way possible this summer, which has allowed me to be accepted on to the A-Levels i wanted at Newcastle College. these grades being 5 A*s, 3 A’s, 5 B’s.' "
Jodie Middleton

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