This years intra house competition programme is blending sports such as futsal (indoor football) and swimming with the mental aspects of competition which includes the games such as battleships and mastermind; to truly uncover the best house physically and mentally.  Weekly quizzes are also completed by houses and contribute to the overall house score.

The second round of intra house competition competed the four houses against one another in a tournament of chess.  In an open invitational event all houses were well represented and the library played host to the mind games and strategic thinking over three consecutive lunch times.

In what was a great atmosphere, pupils from Year 7 to Year 11 ‘checked’ and ‘mated’ their way through the tournament with a win for a player being added to a running total of their respective house.

The results of the chess competition meant that Elgar House were the winners of the event.  They beat Bannister who were second and Shakespeare and Newton who were third and forth respectively.

A massive well done to all the players as we move on next half term to the Sports Hall athletics events.

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