Once again celebrating success in many areas! 

Year on year, Chesterton Community Sports College have celebrated excellent results and this year is no exception. Once again, we are proud to say that pupils have exceeded all expectations this summer.

Many subjects have seen dramatic changes to GCSEs in the last couple of years and we are continuing to achieve high standards, regardless of this national change.

A selection of our excellent results (9-1/A* - C):

  • English – 79%
  • Maths – 65%
  • MFL Core Language – 65%
  • MFL Optional Language – 100%
  • MFL Additional Language – 100%
  • Science – 68%
  • Humanities – 50%
  • Computer Science – 82%
  • Health and Social Studies – 88%
  • Media Studies – 75%
  • Drama - 69%

Not only have our high achievers gained Grade 9s this summer, but we have also seen excellent progress across all areas of ability, reiterating the message that our pupils make progress regardless of their starting point. 

Year 10 have also received excellent results in GCSE English Literature and GCSE Psychology, with some receiving the aspirational Grade 9. With consistent performance across all subjects, it is evident that our pupils continue to make 'good or outstanding progress'.

Well done CCSC!

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