In January we had our first ever Theology Residential Trip to London. We had two very interesting, informative and fun days which saw the Year 10 GCSE Theology group visit Westminster Abbey, London Central Mosque, The London Dungeons, Pizza Express and Covent Garden. We participated in a Science and Religion Tour at Westminster Abbey which was fascinating. We also took part in a meet a priest workshop and we were lucky enough to have a fantastic, insightful and candid discussion with the Reverend Jenny Peterson. On the second day we visited the London Central Mosque which was incredibly informative and gave us a great insight into living as a Muslim. We were lucky enough to watch the midday prayers in the main Prayer Hall and our guide, Peter, spoke in detail about the Five Pillars of Islam and the Prophets which was very interesting and will support the AQA GCSE course. It was a wonderful and educational trip and a lovely time was had by all. 

Miss K Owen
Head of Theology

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