During the last couple of weeks the Rocket Science project has had three key measuring points in the final stages of the 6 week project.
Firstly we measured the height of the tallest seedlings in each replicate at day 21. The tallest seedling was in a Red Replicate tray, but, overall the  average across both sets of trays was virtually the same (Red: 72.5mm, Blue 72mm).
Secondly at day 28 we calculated the average number of leaves on five randomly selected seedlings from each replicate. All trays were again virtually the same except one red tray which continued to have no seedling growth. All other trays averaged between 4 and 5 leaves.
Our final activity was measuring the percentage of seedlings alive on day 35. The winner was Red with 25% whilst Blue resulted in a survival rate of 17.25%.
All our data will be uploaded to the national database for complete analysis with results from another 8,000 schools involved. We are still none-the-wiser as to which were the space seeds but we can conclude that the red seedlings did fair slightly better throughout the entire project; they germinated more numbers, grew the tallest and had a higher survival rate, as to the national picture…? When more information is shared we will publish the final results as a future update and hopefully at some point soon we will know which seeds went into space.
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