Connecting with Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with the software required to connect to the school. Make sure you are on the Start Screen. 

Start to type 'Remote Desktop Connection' and then click the Remote Desktop Connection application.

Screen Shot 2018 10 08 at 15.43.53

In the Computer box on the Remote Desktop application type then click Show Options

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Type in ccsc\ then your username (It should be firstname.surname for pupils)

Screen Shot 2018 10 08 at 15.53.49

Click on the 'Advanced' tab and click 'Settings' in the 'Connect from anywhere' box

Screen Shot 2018 10 08 at 15.48.59

Select 'Use these RDGateway server settings' and type '' in the 'Server name' field

Untick the 'Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses' option and click 'OK'

Screen Shot 2018 10 08 at 15.50.56

Click connect and type in your username and pasword for any dialog boxes that appear.

REMEMBER to type ccsc\ before your username.

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