The course is made up of three components: two internally assessed in school and one that’s externally assessed. leader

The three-block structure, explore, develop and apply, has been developed to allow students to build on and embed their knowledge. This allows them to grow in confidence and then put into practice what they have learned.

Component 1 – what students will learn:

Exploring enterprises

Aim: examine different enterprises to develop knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of enterprises and the skills needed by entrepreneurs

Assessment: internally assessed assignments Weighting: 30% of total course

During Component 1 students will:

  • examine the characteristics of enterprises
  • explore how market research helps enterprises meet customer needs and understand competitor behaviour
  • investigate the factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise
  • develop transferable skills, such as research, and data analysis in order to interpret their findings.

Component 2 - what students will learn:

Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity

Aim: explore ideas, plan and pitch a micro-enterprise activity to an audience, and use feedback to review their business plan.

Assessment: internally assessed assignments Weighting: 30% of total course

During Component 2, your students will:

  • explore ideas and plan for a micro-enterprise activity
  • pitch a micro-enterprise activity
  • review their own pitch for a micro-enterprise activity
  • develop their planning and research, presentation, communication and self-reflection skills.

Component 3 – what students will learn:

Promotion and Finance for Enterprise

Aim: explore the different promotional methods used by enterprises and the factors that influence how enterprises identify and target their market

Assessment: externally assessed synoptic task Weighting: 40% of total course

During Component 3, students will:

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of elements of promotion and financial records
  • interpret and use promotional and financial information in relation to a given enterprise
  • make connections between different factors influencing a given enterprise
  • advise and provide recommendations to a given enterprise on ways to improve its performance
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