Our Curriculum Intent


Year 9

  • Students begin year 9 covering a broad introduction to the subject. The aim of the introduction is to provide students with the crucial knowledge and skills required for each unit of the course, and opportunity to regularly recap and apply the crucial knowledge. This links to our whole school objective of “Know more, remember more, understand it and apply it”. In addition to this, students also have opportunity to explore links to other subjects and knowledge covered in year 7 & 8, alongside exploring career paths relevant to the subject.
  • Students will also develop their research and referencing skills, which are essential to complete internal assessments on the course.
  • Students in year 9 will follow the re-developed OCR Cambridge National in Marketing and Enterprise starting by working through the topic areas of R067, which is the content required for the exam section of the course. 



Year 10 & 11

Over the course of three years pupils will study for the ‘Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing’

Department and Course Overview

Pupils can opt in Years 9/10/11 to study for the ‘Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing’. The course gives students the practical skills and applied knowledge they’ll need in business. Practical elements build on theoretical knowledge so that students can put their learning into practice while also developing valuable transferable skills.

There are 7 grades that can be achieved:  

Level 2 – Distinction * (approx. GCSE grade 8/9)

Level 2 – Distinction (approx. GCSE grade 7)

Level 2 – Merit (approx. GCSE grade 5/6)

Level 2 – Pass (approx. GCSE grade 4) 

Level 1 – Distinction (approx. GCSE grade 3)

Level 1 – Merit (approx. GCSE grade 2)

Level 1 – Pass (approx. GCSE grade 1)

40% of the qualification is based on an examination and 60% of the qualification is made up of two pieces of coursework. 

The exam is based on the learning that takes place on ‘Enterprise and Marketing Concepts’

The two pieces of coursework are called ‘Design a Business Proposal’ and ‘Market and Pitch a Business Proposal’ 

Enterprise and Marketing Concepts (Exam – 40% of the course)

Students explore the techniques businesses use to understand their market and develop products, investigate what makes a product viable and understand how businesses attract and retain customers. The following link shows an example of how the structure and expectations within the exam paper (https://www.ocr.org.uk/Images/616910-exploring-our-exams-a-guide-to-our-sample-assessment-material.pdf


Design a Business Proposal (Coursework – 30% of the course)

Students are presented with a business challenge from which they create a researched and costed business proposal. They will carry out market research, present data, use idea generation tools, seek and act on feedback, and cost their proposals. In their work on this unit they will develop their self-assessment, collaborative working, creativity, numeracy, research and evaluative skills. 

Market and Pitch a Business Proposal (Coursework – 30% of the course)

Students prepare for and pitch the business proposal that they developed in the previous unit. They develop a brand identity and investigate how best to promote their product and then plan, practise and finally deliver their pitch. Afterwards they review both their performance and their business proposal. This will help develop their analysis and self-evaluative skills as well as those relating to self-presentation. 

For further information please visit the official course webpage by clicking https://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/cambridge-nationals/enterprise-and-marketing-level-1-2-j837/

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