Over the course of three years pupils will study for the ‘Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing’

The Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing gives students the practical skills and applied knowledge they’ll need in business. Practical elements build on theoretical knowledge so that students can put their learning into practice while also developing valuable transferable skills.

Pupils are able to certificate at either Level 1 or Level 2 and, in order to certificate, they will have to complete:

  • 2 large pieces of coursework
  • 1 x 90 minute written exam (this can be sat twice, with the best result counting toward certification

Pupils are able to achieve 7 different grades on this course:

Level 2 – Distinction *
Level 2 – Distinction
Level 2 – Merit
Level 2 – Pass
Level 1 – Distinction
Level 1 – Merit
Level 1 – Pass

Unit Overview:

There are three units to cover over the course. One of these is an external exam and the other two units are centre-assessed  pieces of coursework.

Unit 1:

The first unit underpins the other learning in this qualification. Students will learn about the techniques businesses use to understand their market and develop products, investigate what makes a product viable and understand how businesses attract and retain customers. They will also learn about key aspects of small businesses, including ownership and functional activities.

Knowledge gained would be of use for further studies in other business and management qualifications including retail, marketing and customer service.

This unit is externally assessed through an OCR set and marked 1 hour 30 minutes exam. A range of different types of questions will be used, including multiple-choice, short/medium answer questions and extended response analysis and evaluation questions.

Unit 2:

In unit 2, students are provided with a business challenge. From this they will create a researched and costed business proposal. Students will need to undertake activities such as conducting market research, presenting data, using idea generation tools, seeking and acting on feedback, and costing proposals. This unit will develop students’ self-assessment, collaborative working, creativity, numeracy, research and evaluative skills.

Unit 3:

In unit 3, students will prepare for and pitch their own business proposal that they developed in unit 2. Alongside developing a brand identity, students will investigate how to best promote their product and then plan and prepare their pitch. After delivering their practice and professional pitch they will review their own performance and business proposal. This unit will develop the students’ analysis and self-evaluative skills as well as those relating to self-presentation.

For further information please visit the official course webpage by clicking THIS LINK.

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