Our Curriculum Intent


Within the English department, students experience a cohesive five year knowledge-based curriculum. Invaluable core skills are embedded into learning from Year 7, thus allowing students to progressively acquire knowledge, whilst giving them the scope to explore their potential within the subject. This enables students to build confidence in an inherent way, which in turn inspires innovation and individuality. 

Across the five years, students have the opportunity to explore the world of literature, discovering poetry, plays, and whole novels spanning the literary timeline. Meanwhile, media and non-fiction texts from the basis of their English Language studies. This programme of study cultivates a love of English and reading, while allowing students to develop their skills and confidence in the subject. Our curriculum prepares students for both the challenging GCSE examinations, and their post-16 pathway. 

Five years of studies cumulate with their entry into AQA GCSE English Literature and GCSE English Language. 

Students’ success is supported by a plethora of opportunities outside the classroom. Our well-stocked library, alongside students’ access to the SORA app, support their love of reading and further discovery of the literary world. Our specialist English teachers host a high quality extra-curricular offer: book club, boosters, and Creative Writing Camp are amongst the opportunities for all year groups, supporting students in their independent learning. Meanwhile, an extensive range of high-quality resources are available to students electronically, to support their home learning.


The English GCSE course is through external examination only. It is as follows:

English Language

Paper 1- Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing
1 hour 45 minutes; 50% of the GCSE
Section A: one literature fiction text; Section B: descriptive writing

Paper 2- Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives
1 hour 45 minutes; 50% of the GCSE
Section A: one non-fiction text and one literary non-fiction text; Section B: writing to present a viewpoint

English Literature

Paper 1- Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel
1 hour 45 minutes; 40% of the GCSE
Section A: Shakespeare (Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet); Section B: The 19th Century Novel (A Christmas Carol or Frankenstein)

Paper 2- Modern Texts and Poetry
2 hours 15 minutes; 60% of the GCSE
Section A: Modern Texts; Section B: Poetry; Section C: Unseen Poetry

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