africanartefactsMrs Tilt, Fairtrade Coordinator, visited Churchfields Primary School on Tuesday 3rd March 2015 to give an interactive presentation to Year 3 about Fairtrade and in particular Fairtrade chocolate.

The two Year 3 classes and their teachers joined together for the afternoon to learn about Fairtrade. Mrs Tilt explained the process of making chocolate from growing cocoa beans to harvesting and weighing them, selling them and transporting them overseas to be processed into chocolate until they finally become the chocolate bars in our shops. The children had fun locating chocolate producing countries on a large inflatable globe and Mrs Tilt explained that Ghana is a key grower of chocolate.

The second part of the presentation involved the children finding out about life in Ghana for cocoa farmers and their families. Mrs Tilt took along a wide variety of artefacts from her time in West Africa and the pupils enjoyed handling them and trying out items such as traditional brooms, fans, cooking pots, sleeping mats and calabash bowls. Some pupils and staff also got to try on the traditional African clothes. Everyone agreed that it had been a very informative afternoon.

Mrs C Tilt

Fairtrade Coordinator

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