Connecting with an iPad or iPhone.

To remotely connect to the school you will need to first install a remote desktop app from the App Store, the one we recommend is the 2X Client.

app ipad

When you first load the app you will get the screen shown below, click the '+' in the top right to add a new connection profile. 

app first

You will be asked what type of server to connect to next choose select 'Standard RDP (Free)'

app choose

Next we need to configure the profile with the setting to connect to the school server. Put the following settings in then press save. 

Alias: CCSC


Port: 3389

Username: CCSC\yourusername

Password: yourpassword

app settings

 When you first connect you will get the following security warning, change do not show again to 'On'

app secure

 Tap the CCSC connection to connect and your done.

app ccsc

Now that you are setup future connections will just require you to load the 2X app and select the CCSC profile shown above.


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