Each month the English Department selects the best pieces of work as 'Work of the Month' in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. For October 2014 the following pieces of work were chosen:

workofmonthks3oct2014Key Stage 3: Evie Davenport's Work on Animal Rights

Year 8 are currently studying 'Rights and Wrongs' in Journalism. As part of this topic, pupils had to consider the effectiveness of charitable adverts, in particular RSPCA adverts. Following on from this, students had to create their own animal advert, intertwining key persuasive techniques that they had previously studied. Evie's work is effective because an array of persuasive techniques have been included within the frames of the advert, but also in the narration too. The attention to detail is impressive and it is clear that Evie has thought about the structure of her advert, alongside the desired effect on the audience.


workofmonthks4oct2014Key Stage 4: Year 10 Set 2 Work on 'An Inspector Calls'

Year 10 are currently studying 'An Inspector Calls' as part of their preparation for the English Literature exam. As part of this study, students have analysed the play in terms of: plot, characters, themes and social/historical context. In addition to this, 10/2 have considered the way that the theories of Dunne (1927), and Ouspensky (1931), underpin the thematic structure of the play.

Pupils have engaged with the challenging A grade work, and synthesised the theories effortlessly into their analysis. This should hopefully benefit the quality of their responses in the forthcoming GCSE exam.

Miss D Locker

Assistant Head of English

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