Year 8 have  been studying William Shakespeare, specifically, 'Macbeth'. They have focused on the role that the witches play in the dark, macabre fabric of the play. As part of this examination, pupils have studied the historical origins of witches, and considered how monarchs influenced societal attitudes towards witchcraft. Other aspects of the topic involved studies of: The Salem Witch Trials, Matthew Hopkins ('The Witch-Finder General') King James I and theoretical origins that underpin the concept of witchcraft.

The most notable task of the topic was the witch trial that took place to determine the fate of 3 suspected witches. However, another activity worthy of mention is the superb book covers that were recreated by 8.1 They were set the challenge of redesigning the 'Macbeth' book cover so that the iconography of witches were incorporated more into the 'face' of the play. Pupils had to use their knowledge of denotations and connotations to produce a book cover that captured the symbolic involvement of the witches in the play. These covers have gone on display in the English corridor.

whichwitch1     whichwitch2   whichwitch3

Miss D Locker

Assistant Head of English

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