Year 8 are currently studying: 'Rights and Wrongs in Journalism'. The aim of the topic is to consider, analyse and evaluate the way in which the media portrays a specific issue.

The main focus of the topic is considering 'Animal Rights'. A range of controversial and compelling areas are covered, such as: vivisection, animal sports, animal cruelty, animal welfare and animal charities.

The students were fortunate to be visited by a speaker from the UK-based charity 'Animal Aid'. Diane Smith delivered presentations to four classes in Year 8, talking about the work of the charity, as well as facts regarding animal testing. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the visit and were able to develop their understanding by asking questions and partaking in the discussions about the work of Animal Aid and its effects on animal welfare.

Additionally, 8/2 had their very own guest speaker in the form of Miss Locker (Assistant Head of English). Miss Locker chose to use this opportunity to speak to her class about shooting and conservation, as they are currently studying ‘Animals in Sport’. The pupils were treated to an informative presentation as well as an example of the typical attire of somebody within a shooting role.

K Durrant
Teacher of English

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