To celebrate the season of giving, Book Club decided to share their favourite reads with staff and pupils.

Over the past few weeks, Book Club members have chosen a significant book in their life, a book they enjoyed reading or just one they thought someone else would like.

They then selected someone who they thought would appreciate the book to enjoy over the Christmas break. Some of the titles of books given to staff included: our YTF nomination for 2017, ‘Salt to the Sea’, for Mr Mackin and Mrs Till; ‘Looking for JJ’ by Anne Cassidy for Mrs Allen and ‘Don’t Wipe Your Bum With a Hedgehog’ for Mr Kelsall. These were then wrapped up and given as presents in a Book Club celebration on Thursday 14th December.

After the Christmas break, those who have received a book will be invited back to discuss the book that was chosen for them.

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